Divine Aspects Pt. I: A Spirit's Wisdom

The province in the central east of Hyrule includes the Lanayru Wetlands, Mount Lanayru, Lanayru Great Spring and Lanayru Sea regions.
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Divine Aspects Pt. I: A Spirit's Wisdom


Post by Maize »

Lanayru Promenade, Lanayru
Dusk, 7 Spirit Moon 9991

Ioana had every plan to get to the Spring of Wisdom before sundown, leaving offerings and blessings and love for the goddess before bundling up and, once far from underneath the Goddess’s watchful eye, performing her ritual as Delphi requested. In their last meeting, the one right after Delphi accepted the invitation into Ioana’s body and played an Ioana puppet for Mihail’s accidental viewing pleasure, she asked that they make an excursion to the Spring of Wisdom, sure that the divine essence would strengthen their bond. She also remarked about how nicely the red of Ioana’s blood would shimmer in the snow. Ioana thought the image was gruesome and maybe a bit strange, but she was happy to oblige. Delphi had taken note of Ioana’s quick progress through the Rejuvenation ritual, and she was not about to let her down now.

But the plans, as plans were so apt to do at the behest of Ioana, did not come to fruition. The spring wasn’t far at all from Kakariko Village, and Ioana underestimated just how early she would need to leave, instead taking the morning to help with the Latan family’s store: as she told Riku, there was no way she would rather spend her day than with her best friend. She strolled into the Lanayru Promenade as the sky fell into a magnificent orange. She didn’t know if she had the courage to travel up the mountain at night; even as an adult, she still feared the monsters that lurked in the shadows.

After a lively conversation about first pilgrimmages with a vendor who offered her a piping hot cup of rushroom tea, Ioana decided to sit at the fountain, waiting the water ripple and dance its way to the surface as it fell from the top. She considered throwing in a couple of rupees for luck but decided against it, turning forward and cradling the tea cup in her hands. She rested her elbows on her knees and watched people come and go, and she thought.

She thought about Rei, her new courier best friend. She thought about Kanza, who could also be considered her best friend. She thought about Riku, about Mihail, about the millions of best friends she had acquired in her time and how happy she was to have come home relatively unscathed. She squinted off into the distance to study the faces of passersby -- the old eyes just weren’t what they used to be! She thought about the time was taking off work and how immersed she was in her ritual nowadays. Sitting on the fountain’s edge so deep in her reflection, Ioana felt old. Perhaps the tragedy at East Gerudo Town had aged her.

...as if! She was still young, even if she was old enough to do things that qualified her for medical leave and try to practice necromancy. Just because she felt old didn’t mean she was: she was tired and had a long ways to go from recovery, as her mother and granny told her when she returned home, doting on her every step of the way.

In the distance, as Ioana took a slow sip of her tea, she noticed a pair of faces that, despite the blur in her vision, held some sort of familiar. One familiarity was dreamlike, perhaps divine, a face seen on a road taken in another universe, but one face she knew. She couldn’t figure out why she knew it, but she did, undeniably so.

But now she was staring! She looked down into her mug and watched the tea swirl for a second before looking back up: the pair had passed from her line of sight. A little girl passed in front of her, hand in hand with her mother, and Ioana smiled at her.

“Your dress is gorgeous!” she called out to the girl, and she meant it, too, thinking the colorful and asymmetric frock to be beautiful in the way only children could muster. The little girl buried her face in her mother’s side, while her mother beamed and mouthed a ‘thank you.’ When Ioana continued to think about children, she thought of August at East Gerudo Town -- surely he had made it home alright.

How strange it was that her brain kept coming back to East Gerudo Town. She scoped the promenade for a distraction, and her eyes landed on the eerily familiar pair once more. She figured she ought to say hello, if she felt so curious, but felt now just wasn’t the time. She was on a mission from Delphi, after all, and it was her responsibility to ensure that no familiar faces nor sieges distracted her, even if the spring likely wouldn’t come until tomorrow night, when she could fulfill Delphi’s request properly -- and timely at that! Until then, she just needed to keep her head clear, her eyes on the prize.

Whatever that prize was.
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Re: Divine Aspects Pt. I: A Spirit's Wisdom


Post by Tophubot »

Carozeth hadn’t been home in a very long time.

Every morning started the same for her. When her consciousness would first come back to the waking world and everything still felt soft and dreamlike, she could feel herself back in her old, comfortable bed in the Mediares Townhouse. She would groan and open her eyes and each day she would find herself somewhere new. A stable, or a sleeping pack in a tent. The creaks and tensions of sleeping uncomfortably were what would greet her first, and then it would all come back to her.

Each morning, as she grew further from her old life, she would rise from her slumber and get dressed for the day in the same old traveling dress and cloak she had been wearing, and realize that there was no plan for the day other than what it had been since she had conscripted Luto as her escort: travel. They had traveled from Faron, where she had been staying, to Lanayru. It had been a world of wonder, but she couldn’t avoid feeling the terror of unfamiliar surroundings. Everything felt foreign and dangerous.

Her time in Lurelin Village, and her involuntarily haphazard departure was still a blur to her. She still couldn’t remember those fleeting moments before she had woken up in the bastardized version of the townhouse that she so longed for now. Even that she remembered more as a dream than a true memory, but what did it matter? Truthfully, none of it had actually existed, she didn’t think. It was all a game she had played on herself. A cruel trick -- until…

The Silence had spoken to her for what she realized would be the last time. It -- she -- had given her explicit instructions that Carozeth knew she had no choice but to follow. She couldn’t even remember the exact way the Silence had phrased it, but when she had awoken thrown ashore like flotsam, she knew she had to remember the details. Spring of Wisdom, at night. 7 Spirit Moon. Was it 7? She was sure it was 7. Ioana. It was a strange name, not one she had heard before. She was supposed to meet someone, some stranger, in the middle of the night.

Considering what happened the last time Carozeth had let her comfort zone, she wasn’t too thrilled by the prospect.

She was dressed in a plain, olive green dress, with sensible traveling boots. Her hair was down, with a slight, crunchy curl to it as if she had just come from the beach. Her head was covered with a dark brown cloak. She had learned since Lurelin Village that she had to dress for the season, so she had gotten a much more lightweight dress than the one that she had risen from the sea in. Risen… from the sea. It sounded so strange to even think to herself, but it was the truth. When she had awoken from her trance she had risen from the sea itself, as if no time had passed at all. She had spent an entire day, unconscious, being transported. The timeline seemed insane, but Luto had confirmed the date when they had met.

The dress had been too light for the slightly crisper Lanayru air, so she had forced Luto to stop so she could buy a sensible cloak to wear over it. She had learned, but not well.

“Luto,” she called to her escort, a boy that was younger but wiser than her, who she treated more like an employee than a traveling companion. “Is this the Lanayru Promenade? Are we almost there?” she asked. He would’ve gotten used to that. Every place they passed, it was as if she was discovering it for the first time, because she was. Five decades had been spent living, and none of it had been spent experiencing. She had seen black & white illustrations, but she had never imagined how it would feel to be in this collective pilgrimage. The history books had described it as a place of great pilgrimage and meditation, but it seemed like it was used much more for shopping and lounging. What a strange juxtaposition.

“We still have a few hours before it’s night. We arrived just when we were supposed to, which I guess I have you to thank for. Should we grab a bite to eat before it’s too late? We don’t really know what we’re going to find up there…” Her eyes wandered towards the summit of Mt. Lanayru, which was to be their destination. Wasn’t there a dragon that lived up there, or something? She had no idea. She looked back down at Luto expectantly, assuming he would say yes to her request. “Something smells really good, anyway.”

She did not notice the girl eyeing her, at least not yet. She didn’t know how close she was to her destination, just breaths away.
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Re: Divine Aspects Pt. I: A Spirit's Wisdom


Post by Varod »

The air was crisper here than Luto had expected, especially now the day was waning down. It had been a few months since he’d heard the news, and more importantly, been framed for it. Not that he’d ever trusted Alexander Korros- not even he was that naive. But this was too far, even for him. The newspaper article he’d found upon returning to Castle Town played in his mind repeatedly. “Arsonist Murders Parents” was the headline, no doubt written directly by Alexander himself, having taken over the newspaper. It even had an interview with Alex, where he sniveled and driveled about how much he would miss his brother and sister-in-law. It made Luto so angry… But he hadn’t been able to take action. It had taken everything he had to avoid the guards and escape, traveling to Lurelin Village and hiding out. If not for Ms. Mediares, he’d probably still be in the village, hiding out in random inns.

It had been a stroke of good luck that allowed him to serve as a guide. The expedition to get the Staff of Din left Luto with all of his maps still in his pack, so it was easy to use them to get the job. Not that he’d ever been to Lanayru or the Shrine, per se, but given his skill as an amateur archaeologist, it wasn’t too difficult to piece out the best path. In the present, Luto was walking ahead of his new boss, ticcing slightly. This new development in his life had sent his anxiety to new heights, and he had developed a small muscle spasm in his neck. He tried to keep it hidden as much as possible, as it was a particularly embarrassing and notable tic.

The young Korros heir held the Staff of Din in one hand, almost unwilling to let it go. It was partially due to his expedition that Alex had the opportunity to stage his coup, and the guilt was eating away at Luto. If he lost the staff, if he had abandoned and lost his parents for nothing… No, it was too painful to think about. The staff represented his grief, now, whereas it should’ve represented his hope.

Shaken from his thoughts by Carozeth, he turned to her. She was still a mystery to Luto. Much older than him, she acted as if being around people was something she was just getting used to. It wasn’t like Luto couldn’t relate- people were hard, and the anxiety of dealing with strangers was a lot. She also had a strange quality that Luto wasn’t sure of, and he certainly wouldn’t go inquiring. After all, he was keeping his own status as a wanted criminal a secret. Asking questions beget more questions.

It wasn’t until she asked that Luto smelled the food and his stomach rumbled loudly. He smiled shyly, a small light glowing at the tip of the Staff. Having a magical implement really made it easier to keep the random sparks from flying. Now he just glowed randomly, which was at least nondestructive. “Uh… F-food sounds lovely. Then w-we can work on f-finding a place to sleep. We p-probably shouldn’t make the trek until first l-light. Getting stuck in the dark isn’t f-fun.” This last part he said a little quieter, nervous at the idea of trying to climb a steep mountain path without being able to see.

He hoped Carozeth wasn’t too weirded out by his quirks. Now he was just glowing, sure, but he’d been positively sparking when they first met. She’d hired him regardless, which he was thankful for. A slightly unwashed, but well-spoken boy in a village not his own must have raised some questions. But perhaps it was really difficult to find these maps in the area? It wasn’t too difficult in a large city like Castle Town, but Luto didn’t really know how the other areas of Hyrule lived.

Looking around the area, he saw a lovely open-air restaurant warmed with candles and serving a wide assortment of seafood and steak. A real surf-and-turf. “That must be what you’re s-smelling. I’ll go get us a t-table.” He was excited- fresh fish was hard to come by in Castle Town. He hurried over and was told a table was available. He turned and waved at Caro, gesturing for her to come.
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