Neha Lessandri (V)

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Neha Lessandri (V)


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Full Name: Neha Lessandri
(nay-ha lee-sahn-dree)

Age: 39

Birthday: 22nd of Storm, 9951

Gender: Female

Race: Gerudo

Occupation: Surgeon of the Freedom

Appearance: Neha is tall and her boots lend her an extra few inches. Towering with a haughty demeanor, her height tends to intimidate smaller peers. Despite being accustomed to being the tallest in the room, she is quite average among her fellow Gerudo. Her skin is a chestnut, reddish-brown with clear complexion; soft from years of extensive use of lavish oils and herbal treatments that fine money could buy. Only now into her late 30s does she experience the odd wrinkle or two. Curly locks of her blood-orange hair dwarf her healthy, lean frame in thick waves that reach her waist. Bouncy bangs are often pushed to her left side where the natural part of her hairline separates. A spare band helps hold her hair out of her face while she’s working, though it is a difficult feat to gather it all. Her brows are dark and animated, easily adding a sassy flair to her almond-shaped, pine-green eyes. She does little to dress them in makeup, only applying striking eyeliner when it suits her fancy. Her full lips, however, she paints a deep shade of lavender, indigo or gold. She has recently decorated her left shoulder with a tattoo of an armoranth and has yet afforded the time to get it filled.

Accustomed to coastal climate, Neha wears a loose thin blouse tucked into baggy brown pants. One would soon recognize her tendency to tuck in garments, as her calf-length pants are neatly tucked in her knee-high gilded boots. The black and blue striped swimwear she wears underneath is light and comfortable, allowing her the ease of jumping in the ocean for a relaxing swim on a whim that she is likely to do. She’s very fond of seashells and other oceanic treasures; Neha has her own self-craft seashell necklace. Neha also lazily wears a sunny, golden long coat. It’s thick and sometimes too warm to wear; though she models it wonderfully off-shoulder when she idles about.

Personality: Neha is emotionally attached to the beach; she loves the soft sand and the cool breeze as it reminds her of a distant home. She misses East Gerudo Town and her childhood friends dearly; although she is too bitter to return since her mother died. Even though she spent all of her teenage years in Castle Town, Neha retains much of her Gerudo discipline and principles, with the exception of a few. She is not predisposed to find a partner to settle down. It is an unappealing goal and she is perfectly content with cruising between crushes until she’s ready to have kids of her own.

After her mother’s quiet passing, Neha’s family confronted problems head on. Grudges and bitter feelings were quickly resolved despite how uncomfortable it was at first. Raised to talk about her feelings, Neha has no problem confronting people with her concerns should she find something -or someone- unsavory. The comfort ends there however, because she fails to cope with the stress of loss in a healthy manner. On her worst days, Neha’s resolve is tested, turning to drugs and alcohol to suppress and control her nerves. Having tasted the euphoria of dangerous, illegal drugs, Neha is unable to stay sober for more than a few months if her limits are pushed. For the past ten or so years, Neha has found that she likes to party. Ever since she was introduced to drugs and alcohol, she has discovered and respected most of her limits. When she drinks she is careful and rarely trusts anyone enough to lower her guard to get wasted. Drugs have a trickier history with the woman, as she strongly dislikes them though walks a tightrope of addiction and escapism with Hush ever since the incident to cope with her new, turbulent lifestyle. She keeps her addiction private and secretive, only slipping into private quarters to smoke whenever she needs to take a heavy edge off. Neha struggles with her recovery and relies on herself to be independent of outside help.

Not all developed coping skills are as dramatic. Her vitriolic humor, earned from her moody teenage years, can sometimes come across as arrogance. However, those that choose to weather her beautiful storm will find a buffered gem beneath; Neha is a strong and loyal ally. She is protective and cherishes her friends - old and new. Quick to guard her past, Neha is distrustful of anyone that claims to have known or heard of her. She does not identify with the foul rumors that have spread over the years, though her new trade in piracy would certainly cause one to question the validity of said rumors. It’s because of being misunderstood that encourages Neha to judge a person on the merit of their actions, rather than words. Her poor judgement of character is easily blindsided by skilled liars. However, she is desperate for deep, meaningful connections; Neha will go against her better judgement in order to keep those that would exploit her, rather than being alone. When it is afforded, she values honesty and compassion above all other virtues. She braves getting to know someone even if she has been warned not to; her inquisitive nature too hungry to be content with standing aside. This curiosity and truth-seeking can get her in trouble as she is likely to disobey rules that get in the way.

She is very intune with being herself and asking for what she wants when she wants it. Her demands might sound needy, but Neha seldom asks for favors if she does not think the person is capable of handling it. However when it comes to personal affairs, she typically shoulders most of her burdens. Prideful and ambitious, she does not want to be seen as weak, and conceals certain details of her life that make her feel vulnerable. She is likely to brush off insults, especially if they hurt, unless it comes from a person of trust and value to her. Such attacks she can take personally and will confront the individual privately to assure the relationship is not compromised. It is affirmation from genuine friends that she so desperately craves. To tarnish a friendship is unthinkable and she cannot possibly imagine misplacing her initial trust.

Sarcasm is her favorite weapon to wield in social occasions. She finds playful banter entertaining and is attracted to intelligent people. However, she thinks less of the rich and powerful in Hyrule and will often harshly critique someone of status. Her prejudice can be defeated but it takes time to cultivate a friendship when her expectations are low. She believes that the wealthy only wish to accrue more power and are always capable of leaving a friend out to dry. To those that know her well, Neha shows her affection in forms of ‘tough love’ and makes light of bad scenarios with dry humor. Having dealt with death several times, she is not one to dwell in sorrow and does not feel comfortable when other people around her do. If she is unable to comfort a companion she gives them space and time, checking up with them on occasion to ensure their wellbeing. She takes pride in her skillset and her job as the ship’s surgeon. Neha enjoys most of her crewmates and maintains their health to the best of her abilities.

She misses her father a great deal, but feels too ashamed to return to him in Hyrule Castle Town. After her malpractice scandal, Neha has been trying to outrun her tarnished reputation. She evades and avoids that place at all cost, hoping to never recognize a single face on her travels and put the past behind her. If she had to tell her dad that she ran away after all of that to become a pirate, she believes it would break his heart. As her only surviving family member and unable to face him, Neha has deemed herself unworthy of his forgiveness. She barely forgives herself and still has not found a way to properly address her frustration from being blacklisted in all of Hyrule. In time, these wounds might heal.

Skills & Talents: Neha is a very talented surgeon. With steady hands, an eye for detail, and indomitable patience, her 24 years of schooling and experience have made her a famous (now infamous) doctor among the elites of Hyrule. Her climb to fame and riches may have been spoiled, but she never quit the trade. She can perform quality-of-life or life-saving surgeries, depending on if she has the equipment and time. She only knows Hylian, Gerudo, and Sheikah anatomy and would struggle immensely with any other race without another specialist to coach her along.

She has moderate knowledge of one-handed fighting thanks to her early Gerudo training. While not a great duelist, she can defend herself until more help arrives. Her studies of vitals and weaknesses on humanoid races allow her fatal knowledge of where she should land a hit should she ever have a skill advantage. The force and speed of which are needed to execute such attacks are harder to practice in the midst of a real fight.

Weapons: A Gerudo scimitar and dagger are sheathed in leather scabbards on either side of her belt. She keeps them close out of necessity after experiencing a rough first year as a pirate. She truly feels safer having them around now that she has acclimated to the life of travel and sight-seeing off the beaten path. She changes the blades out as they break or if her crew happens to pillage better quality equipment.

Equipment: Stashed away on The Freedom are sets of medical equipment for her use. On leave, Neha takes a satchel of essentials: scalpels, scissors, bandages, small splints, needle and wire, a razor, a few stalks from Korok Leaves, Blue Nightshade, and a few small vials of distilled alcohol.

Family Description: Veera Lessandri - Neha’s Gerudo mother who died sometime when Neha was 13. She was fond of her mother and loved her very much. Veera passed away after battling years of health complications which became a catalyst for Neha to pursue formal medicinal education.

Douglas Redder - Neha’s Hylian father. An honorable man that adopted and raised his daughter after his Gerudo lover passed away. Never married, Doug remained faithful to his love for Veera and happily took in Neha when she was 13. Doug supported and funded Neha’s education and endeavors. Neha loves and respects her father even though she has not seen or written to him in over 3 years since her license has been revoked and becoming a pirate. Doug worries about her and lives alone in Hyrule Castle Town with his 2 small dogs.

History: Veera Lessandri left Gerudo Town to make her mark on the world and to, eventually, find a voe to spend the rest of her life with. Douglas Redder, a resident of the largest town in Hyrule, left his home to find what he felt was missing in his life. In the end, Veera and Doug found each other.

Doug, who had previously lived with his parents until his mother died, spent his hard-earned money renting out a small room at an inn in East Gerudo Town to be closer to Veera, who returned his affections and showed him the wonders of the town. Their sunny dates stretched into the cool hours of midnight. Before long, they were keeping each other warm. When Doug could no longer afford to be near his beloved, he moved back in with his father and set his heart on building a savings for his ideal future with Veera in Hyrule Castle Town. Veera was soon to be with child, and stayed in Gerudo Town with her sisters to raise the babe and patiently wait for her lover’s return. Doug could not stay away for long though, and the loneliness became unbearable; yearly visits were a necessary expenditure of his savings. The city dream was abandoned and both compromised to move into a small apartment in East Gerudo Town to raise their newborn together.

Desert life was a little tough on Doug. The overwhelming heat made it hard for him to find work without suffering heat afflictions - but his new family was worth it. In the winter, he returned to Central Hyrule and sometimes visited the Hebra region to chop trees and earn easier, better money for the family. He hoped to afford a proper ring and wedding to spoil Veera with their modest budget. Until then, they fought tooth and nail to make due on Veera’s income alone as a humble jewelry vendor. Veera raised Neha to the best of her abilities, instilling heroic virtues and love - with Doug’s eagerness to learn and help. When Neha was old enough to train with dummy weapons, Veera was excited to show Neha the ways of the Gerudo Warrior that her mother had once taught her. Unfortunately, as Veera grew into her 30s, she began to notice her health decline; her heart in particular became erratic and pained while she continued to train Neha. Her energy drastically changed by the time Neha was 12, unable to do much but sit and lay in bed. Her health worsened when Veera could not keep her nutrients, and poor Doug watched his helpless lover wither away. Unable to leave for the winter, Doug and his family struggled in poverty while he barely managed to sell the last of Veera’s jewelry. He began writing back to his father of their misfortune, and the small family was immediately offered a place to stay at the Castle Town residence. Determined to push through and naive to believe things would get better on their own, the couple weathered the desert storm. This was also particularly hard for Neha, who’s whole world revolved around her. Her blind faith, fueled by her mother’s insistence that everything would be fine without justified reason, built a happy illusion that would collapse a year later when Veera passed away from complications. Her untimely and unplanned death nearly destroyed Doug, but he was able to take Neha and what little they had to return to Hyrule Castle Town to live with his father.

Young Neha was tormented by the loss of her mother. Her withered form persisted in Neha’s nightmares. With East Gerudo Town left behind, Neha struggled to adapt to the sudden changes; she often convinced herself that her mother was still there and waiting for her to return to their home. She actively fought against attempts and threw fits when asked to make new friends - feeling foreign and alienated to Hylian customs. She missed her hometown, her friends, and most of all her mother. Rebellious and moody, Neha became fixated on her mother’s death, the finality of it, and the awkward tension it brought to an unwanted conversation. She eventually became dry and numb to it, weaving her feelings into a tapestry of dark humor, growing into a rude and crass teen. Two years after Veera’s death, Doug’s father passed away and they were left with empty hearts and were alone again. The trauma of loss that lingered with Doug’s waning sanity was dwarfed by his love for his daughter. He focused on Neha and gave her everything he could to ensure she was prepared for the world. The inheritance that his parents left behind went into enrolling the young girl with private tutors and new books. Neha took interest in plagues, diseases, injuries, poisons and their effects on the body - entertaining herself with hypothetical answers to her mother’s sudden death.

In Hyrule Castle Town, teenage Neha struggled in class with other kids her age. Her father was able to afford good schooling for Neha, but her education lacked the physical training she was used to. She still had her mother’s discipline and instead focused her time and energy in expanding her rising interest in health and medicine. She was interested in what made people tick - and possibly how she could keep them ticking, too. Blood and tissue, while repulsive at first, did not dissuade young Neha from pursuing further knowledge. Death and grief were no strangers to her either; their company fanning the flames to spark her determination to prevent more victims of demise. Enrolled at the Royal Academy at age 15, Neha resumed some one-handed combat training while advancing on becoming a doctor. At first, she struggled to find sparring buddies with the other students her age - easily overpowering them as she quickly grew into her Gerudo physique. Not long into training would her supervisors notice and match her with older, more appropriately trained youth, until she was allowed to solely focus on her medical degree and license. Doug was able to pull favors from friends of the family, garnering scholarships and patrons to fund Neha’s academic pursuits. The more she advanced, the more positive attention she attracted, and the less burden she felt weighed on her father. With indomitable focus, Neha flourished in her academic pursuits to learn more about becoming a physician; treating known illnesses and injuries by tangible, operative methods.

At age 25, Neha was able to graduate and begin working as an assistant in a small clinic. She busied herself in shadowing her superiors and paid special attention to details. Completely consumed by passion, she never made time for herself or for making friends outside of work. Her newfound fledgling independence made her father proud. However, she was completely naive to the world outside of her bubble. Of course she wanted to be part of it - it played and danced around her hard-working nature and teased ever so deliciously. Instead, she began to appreciate spending time with her father and enjoyed going out to theaters, dinners, and extra activities that the bustling town offered. Her prestigious work and efforts granted them small fame and recognition. Out of kindness and integrity, she donated some of her excess money to her earlier benefactors as a gesture of gratitude - their faith in her repaid. Soon, Neha would be at the peak of her career and nearly untarnishable. At the young age of 31, she became the head surgeon of her small clinic that also reflected her success in its own. The attention and affection she gained was intoxicating. Gaining a sense of belonging, Neha felt cherished and appreciated by her high-paying clients. Her successes snowballed her reputation into one of the best living surgeons in Hyrule Castle Town. You knew you were in good hands if Dr. Lessandri oversaw your treatment. She truly felt like she could do no wrong.

The thrill was undeniable. The power over death and the satisfaction to save a good soul was addictive. Neha, in the prime of her 30’s, could thrive in high pressure emergencies and revelled in the victory afterwards. It seemed that she became a bit of a celebrity. Her peers respected her dedication and precision - something she was quietly proud of. However, it all came crashing down when she was invited to a late night party with some of the well-known names in the noble class. After a successful 5-hour surgery completed - what better way to end the day on than to spend it than going all out? Blinded by stardom, she danced, drank, and partied hard with acquaintances she assumed were her friends. For each cheer and toast, Neha happily downed another shot. The evening became hazy, so she soon crashed at a lover’s house. It was in this vulnerable place that she tried blupee dust for the first time. The new experience was passionate and turbulent - what started as a taste became a feast.

A high-profile emergency interrupted her weekend before the cusp of dawn. Neha, still hungover, was summoned back to her clinic to perform an emergency patch up for a noble that survived an assassination attempt. Neha was able to control her focus to remove the blade and sew up the wound. However, because she used too much of a pain-killing remedy and prescribed the wrong medicine, the client suffered a quick overdose. In one swift morning, Neha’s career was ruined. Charged for assissted assassination and convicted of malpractice, Neha fled punishment before she could be formally sent to prison. With a last favor from her well-off lover, Neha was smuggled out of custody under disguise. Unable to accept her responsibility as well as being a coward, she felt like the same society that partied with her were the ones prosecuting her mistake. Evading authorities under moonlight, Neha took to horseback and fled Hyrule Castle Town alone.

She tried neighboring towns and villages, thinking that word of the incident could not have travelled far. Unfortunately, it wasn’t far behind the now 36 year-old. Her kind nature and calm reasoning could not buy her a job to save her life, and she kept fleeing further and further to the southeastern edges of Hyrule, never staying in one place for too long. Taking odd jobs along the way to afford food and shelter, Neha’s outlook became bleak and unforgiving. By the time she made it to the coast, she was unable to refuse her first gig with pirates out of necessity. A surgeon for a ship that housed all sorts of criminals and vagabonds, Neha’s sensitive history was not questioned. Her crewmates were unbearable, vile men of the Faron Sea; she detested their ways and struggled to care about their wellbeing after she saw the atrocities they committed on fellow sailors and ships. Unable to bear their company, she retreated to secretive Hush dens to cope with the new lifestyle. Lounging in the comfort of part-time lovers and swimming in the euphoria of short-lived highs, Neha quickly gained an addiction to that flavor of escapism. Her cut of the loot was lost in the uncontrollable wave of expensive and rare drugs that she happily drowned in.

A year later, Neha decided to reclaim control of her ravaged life. Captain Shin Nata and his ship, the Freedom, were to pick up cargo in a nearby port town. She had heard rumors of him and his crew before; they were too soft and picky with certain jobs and had a charismatic captain that smaller towns spoke highly of. Was a benevolent, sea-faring band of criminals too good to hope for? Possibly, but Neha couldn’t stand one more day in ruin. Ditching her crew without a word for fear of her life, Neha sobered up and offered her services to Nata and his crew. To this day, she’s not sure why she was so easily accepted, but the girl certainly does not complain. Gone the next day on the speedy vessel, Neha had tasted the Freedom and never regretted it. Encouraged to stay sober and respected enough that she didn’t have to fight for her privacy or honor, Neha enjoyed the lax and steady pace of pirating with her new crew. She invested more in herself and her simple pleasures, spending rupees on better clothes and skin treatments for the salty air to regain stolen youth. While not totally disarmed and delusional to believe that everything is perfect, Neha enjoys being a respectable figure among peers as well as giving the middle finger to the rich. She’s the first to volunteer accommodating wealthy cruises and personal vessels of noblemen. During her spare time, she spars with crewmates that she trusts and hones her skill as a fighter to better suit the needs of the Freedom.
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Re: Neha Lessandri


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Sorry it has taken me so long to get the energy together to give your app a proper read through! (glad I did, I misunderstood a few things back when I was sick that make much more sense now).

Great app with no glaring issues I see. Should be fun to RP!
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