New Resource: Travel Time Spreadsheet

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New Resource: Travel Time Spreadsheet


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After a year or so of work off and on, we now have an easy to reference spreadsheet detailing travel times between popular destinations in our setting's Hyrule. These times are based directly in the in-game clock in Breath of the Wild. Hopefully these are helpful as you go about journeying through Hyrule, being able to have a more firm timeframe of just how long it takes to travel from place to place has been a frequently requested resource from our membership.

You can currently find the spreadsheet in our Culture & Commerce Article, but as further updates are made to the database it may be moved to another article. You can find it here: viewtopic.php?p=12167#p12167

Should you encounter any issues with the resource, or catch any wonky math, please message QoH.
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