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Long-Form Roleplay is what makes ZRPG.net the site that it is. Everything else in this handbook is building towards this, the crux of our game and the source of our passion. Long-Form Roleplays are longer stories that take place in regionally based forums, and can range from sweeping cross-kingdom journeys to simple slice-of-life arcs.

Long-Form Roleplays are collaborative stories that, while sometimes are guided by the person who created the thread, are built and written together as a team. 

Hey! Listen! Your posts should contain elements that will move the story forward, providing other players with compelling content to build off.

When you’re ready to join a new thread, communication is key! ZRPG provides a few different ways to help you find the perfect story. These are the Roleplay Directory forum, along with the #looking-for-group and #story-dev channels in the Discord. 

It is important to reach out before joining a thread. Refer to the Roleplay Directory before joining a thread, as you don’t want to join something that is already full and overwhelm the other players. Please always ask and respect the posting order when you do so.

Sometimes, none of the open threads match exactly what you’re looking for, and that’s okay! You do not need permission to start your own thread, but it is ideal to have a certain amount of information before going in. You can get a group together and then freeform a story around them, or create a plot first and decide which characters would suit it best. It’s important to be upfront with the people you are roleplaying with, so that they can decide if they want to join you.

Once you create your thread, and your RPD Entry (more on this below) then it’s time to get people to join you. Use #looking-for-group and #story-dev to advertise your new story and get people excited to join. 

Hey! Listen! Create something that is flexible for everyone. Avoid a plot that only develops your character and leaves everyone else in a supporting role.

The Roleplay Directory is a list of all active roleplay threads, along with an archive of completed or retired threads. The RPD provides our members a place to advertise their threads to get others to join them, and allows them to lay out the important story beats and cast of characters. The RPD is useful for someone looking to sign up for a new story, or browse what we are currently offering. All members are actively encouraged to start their own threads.

The threads in the RPD are exclusively for active roleplays, where the thread has already been started and the threadrunner has submitted the opening post. No works-in-progress should be posted here, or threads that haven’t started. This is so someone can sign up and then immediately start roleplaying.

While there is no explicit template for the RPD, there is information that must be included when you create the thread, and an example template is provided below.

  • Desired Pace
    • Do you prefer a longer-paced story, or do you want people to respond quickly?
  • Story/Plot Titles
    • While many threads are a complete story on their own, sometimes a thread can be a smaller piece of a larger story. In this case, the series of threads may have a title of its own. Please specify both if applicable.
  • Premise
    • What is the premise of your story? Make this enticing and engaging so people want to join you.
  • In-Game Date & Setting
    • Refer to our Continuity Calendar, so that someone knows if this story will work in their character’s timeline.
  • Working List of Players
    • Please update this as people sign up / drop out, so that it remains accurate. You can keep a list of people who were featured but have since left, if prefered.
  • Anything Else You Desire
    • This is your story and your thread, so make it your own! You can format this however way you wish, as long as the information is clear to potential players, and add any information that is not covered here.

The RPD also utilizes a coded tagging system, which you can ask a staff to update for your thread if needed. The following tags are used for these threads:

  • [OPEN] = this thread is looking for new members!
  • [FULL] = this thread is not looking for new members, or has ended.
  • [CLOSED] = this thread has completely ended.
  • [OIF] = this is an informational article about an organization, institution, or faction.
Hey! Listen! Use this directory in conjunction with the #looking-for-group and #story-dev channels on the Discord!
RPD Example Template


[color=#43BBAA][b]Desired Pace:[/b][/color]

[color=#43BBAA][b]Looking For:[/b][/color]


[color=#43BBAA][b]Story Name:[/b][/color]

[color=#43BBAA][b]Story Length:[/b][/color] 

[color=#43BBAA][b]Thread Title/URL:[/b][/color] 

[color=#43BBAA][b]Starting Location & Date:[/b][/color] 

[color=#43BBAA][b]Thread Description:[/b][/color] 

[b]#1:[/b] [Your character here!]


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