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Below you will find definitions and conditions of our forums and Discord server. Please understand that registering for either is a tacit agreement to the rules and regulations as they are laid out.

  1. Respect the community and ZRPG staff.
    • Do not intentionally be rude or agitate other members or staff of ZRPG. If there is a problem between yourself and another member please bring it up to Staff for resolution. Swearing should be confined to limited quantities and the appropriate setting.
  2. No verbal abuse or harassment.
    • If you make someone feel unwelcome then you are opposing our mission as a community. We do not tolerate racist, sexist or any otherwise derogatory comments. This includes vocalizing support for racist, Nazi, misogynist, homophobic, etc. political parties or movements; including but not limited to: Donald Trump & his administration, anti-immigrant rhetoric, “red pill”, alt-right, incel, and gamergate. Serious or repeat offenders may face banning.
  3. Keep conversation relevant to the forum or channel’s purpose.
    • The forums are for more ongoing long-form conversations and topics of interest and real-time chatting is for Discord. Upon request, please change any irrelevant topics that may not comply with the channel or forum’s intended purpose.
  4. Each member will have one account with a consistent username.
    • We are a one-account-per-person forum. All characters & NPCs will be registered to your one account. For transparency, each member will have a username that matches on the forums and the Discord (sometimes we will have holiday-themed puns in the Discord that should still match your general name). Username changes will be marked in a member’s signature, and are requested to be changed by a staff member.

ZRPG employs two forms of communication. First and foremost, we are a forum-based roleplay and the forum is always going to be the crux of your ZRPG experience. The forums are for “long-term communication” while featuring social aspects as well. They contain a large majority of the information for our roleplay and, importantly, the roleplay itself. Each forum has a description, so before posting make sure to read it so that your posts are relevant to the topic. 

Our second form of communication is ZRPG’s Discord server, for real-time conversations and socializing. The Discord is used for community-building, so ZRPG staff encourages all members to join as it is used for announcements, updates, along with brainstorming and creative projects. Each Discord channel has a purpose and a description at the top explaining what the channel should be used for. Keep these in mind before posting!

Hey! Listen! You can find the Discord embedded at the bottom of the forum! Members who only join the board end up feeling excluded as they miss out on a lot of fun!

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