ZRPG – Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity Roleplay

Founded in 2003, ZRPG has undergone significant change, growth, and development for over 15 years. At our founding we were like many communities in the early days of the internet: chaotic, creative, ridiculous and mostly run by teenagers. Drama, community wars, and all sorts of other difficulties were things that afflicted us, as it did others. In the years after, many of our peers faded from the pages of the internet, especially with forums going out of style. However, ZRPG persists. We do so because of lifelong friendships and community, fostered over the love we share not only of this video game series, but the characters and stories we create in its universe. ZPRG.net has gone through many iterations over the years, with our look and function adapting as internet technologies have changed, and the design abilities of our core administrators grow. What has not changed and never will is our dedication to quality writing, grounded in and expanding upon the canon of the games.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its reinvention of the franchise was an invigorating opportunity for us to strengthen our community and creative process. We carefully cultivate our social culture and the content we create. Our standards and expectations are things we rarely compromise on. Our community is solidly committed to principles of social justice and collective liberation, while embracing irreverence and the potential for all to grow and learn together. As we enter this new decade and grow ever closer to 20 years of ZRPG, we can’t wait for the new developments, projects, characters, and stories we are able to craft with you.

Hey! Listen! You can find the old forum’s archive at zrpg.net/forums

You will notice a lot of different username colors and titles — here is a list of member & staff roles you will be interacting with, starting from newbie and moving upwards. In general, these roles are consistent across the forum and Discord but there are some roles that are Discord-specific.

  • Newbies can view the Discord, but cannot post in any of the channels other than #newbie-lobby. Once they answer the orientation questions and introduce themselves on the forums, they gain access to our community sections.
  • Member is a base-level member who can communicate with everyone but does not have a character and thus has no roleplaying privileges. They have specific tutorial-based Discord channels to help them get a character approved.
  • Roleplayer  is the highest member role, as it is someone with access to the community and the roleplay forums and Discord channels.
  • Moderators are primarily responsible for enforcing the rules, regulations, and other decisions that govern the function of our site and the Roleplay. They oversee the roleplays and general activity of the forum & server.
  • Administrators are exemplary members trusted with the community’s very life. They are the decision makers and arbiters. They are in charge of running the site as a whole.
  • Founders are the five Administrators that started the “re-invented” site. This is a permanent position that doesn’t necessarily come with current responsibility but always allows for them to provide input and insight into board decisions.
  • Goddess Account (Hylia) is not a member but the official account the staff uses to speak as a whole instead of through the identity of one of its members. This is not a person but a symbol of all of us.

Once a year, or as needed, the staff of ZRPG checks in with the membership to ensure that our statistics and data match our current levels of activity. This allows newer members to get an accurate representation of our current cast of characters and stories. When the census announcement is posted, members have approximately two weeks to register their characters as active and keep them in play for another year. If you fail to register for the census and your character becomes retired, you can ask for them to be returned to play. Please note that any characters found violating board changes will not be grandfathered back in, and the applications will be subject to a review before being reactivated.

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