ZRPG – Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity Roleplay

Listed below are ZRPG’s character creation rules. These rules should be followed in conjunction with the community & roleplaying rules.

  1. Follow the Canon
    1. You cannot use or play as canon characters, weapons, or items for character creation. You also may not own any unique weapons/items that were owned by a canon character.
    2. Your character cannot have lineage or a relationship with a canon character.
    3. No obvious rip-offs or clones of Legend of Zelda or other notable franchise characters.
    4. Do not use content as a source of lore without actively contributing to that content. We do not allow characters to be ex-Yiga, for example.
    5. You are not “The Hero!” That’s Link, and he’s currently a child. You are one of many. An ordinary hero.
  2. Follow the Timeline
    1. Your character lives in pre-calamity Breath of the Wild. Please adhere to this by familiarizing yourself with the Plot & Timeline of our board to know the range of dates we are roleplaying within.
    2. You may only use races found in our Playable Races Guide. Exceptions will be heavily scrutinized during the approval process and are discouraged as “first character” material.
    3. Characters must originate from canon regions within the game and must fit into the setting provided.
  3. Follow the Series
    1. If something clearly does not exist within The Legend of Zelda, then it is not considered approvable. This includes werewolves, vampires, and other myths that do not appear within the canon. 
    2. Weapons, items, and accessories should make sense for the time period and setting. This means no guns, modernized weapons, or other real world technology that doesn’t make sense in Hyrule.
    3. Do not base cultures or ideas off of real-world cultures or concepts directly. Try to assimilate the cultures found present in Breath of the Wild and ZRPG canon.
  4. Follow the Format
    1. Write your applications chronologically in an omniscient voice, regardless of how much information is provided to the character themselves. The reviewer needs to have all information available in order to adequately approve the character. Do not use pictures, music, or video as a substitute for text, only as supplementation. We do not accept faceclaims.
    2. We are a PG-13 board. Do not explicity describe situations with overt sexuality, rape, violent murder, and excessive gore.
    3. You may only apply for one character at a time, but an NPC and player character app may be submitted together. There is a waiting period between applications; we require that you complete 3 in-character posts or wait three weeks before applying for another character after your last one has been approved. Otherwise the app will be ignored until such a time.
Hey! Listen! Are you wondering what the difference is between a character and an NPC?

The general distinction between characters and NPCs is that characters have full agency on the board and NPCs don’t. Characters can join threads and build stories around them. NPCs are important side characters that you want to flesh out while maintaining them as a supplemental point of development for your actual approved characters.

You cannot join a long-form or short-form roleplay with an NPC by themselves without staff approval, which is only given under very specific circumstances (usually in service to a specific story that is being told). If you are applying for a NPC, it must be clear to which character or story they are connected.

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