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Below, find a full list of each application field with descriptions. Please note that if a field is not designated as optional, it must be included for the application to be voted on.

Hey! Listen! DO NOT work on your character in the Post Reply box. Use an auto-saving word processor instead! Don’t blame me if you end up losing everything.
  • Full Name: This is the full name of your character. Make it fit for someone in Hyrule! 
  • Other Name(s): This field is optional. You may remove it if not applicable.
    • If your character has a title or a nickname, state it here.
  • Age: How old is your character?
  • Birthday: This field is optional. You may remove it if not applicable.
  • Gender: Where your character fits into the gender spectrum. 
  • Race: See our list of playable races and list the chosen one here.
  • Occupation: Make sure your character’s occupation matches the setting and time period. Try to avoid cliché character classes like a thief, mercenary, assassin, etc. 
  • Appearance: What does your character look like? Are they a burly ten-foot Goron with thick arms and a pot belly, or a thin waif of a Zoran maid with slender legs and head-tail? This section must be at least 100 words minimum; you may be asked to write more if the character warrants it. Give us a reasonably detailed description, please. Some of the things you can mention include:
    • Build: Height, weight, frame
    • Facial features: Hair and eyes
    • Posture: How they walk or carry themselves
    • Clothing: Remember the culture and region in which they reside
    • Body Modifications: Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.
    • Note: Face claims are not allowed on ZRPG. You can add art you have personally created or someone has created specifically for your character as supplementary material to your character’s appearance section. Please add this at the end of the Appearance section in a spoiler tag.
  • Personality: This can be the most crucial aspect of the application and is often what other RPers look at first when deciding whether they want to RP with you and your character. What is your character like? How does your character behave? This section must be at least 100 words minimum. Some of the things you can mention include: 
    • Thoughts, Motivations, & Spirituality
    • Likes & Dislikes
    • Strengths & Flaws
  • Skills & Talents: Does your character have any particular talents, skills, or abilities? Describe it with as much depth as you can! If it’s magic, please make it ZELDA! This is not Dungeons & Dragons. Give us a name for each spell or ability, and describe what they do and their drawbacks. Remember, you are the “ordinary hero” and you will be asked to remove an ability if it isn’t balanced.
  • Weapons: How your character arms themselves. Hyrule has become unsafe for the common person, and having some form of protection is necessary with the number of hostile monsters growing moon by moon. Keep in mind balance and power when filling this out. Strong, enchanted weapons can get approved but must be justified.
  • Equipment: Trinkets, empty bottles, charm bracelets, lucky rupees. locks of hair, cookery books, masks… you get the idea. Whatever they’ve got, tell and describe here!
  • Pets/Mounts:  This field is optional. You may remove it if not applicable.
    • If your character has any pets, describe them here! If you travel by horse that would apply here.
  • Property:  This field is optional. You may remove it if not applicable.
    • Does your character own any property, like a house or a farm? Please describe the property in relatively specific detail.
  • Family Descriptions:  This field is optional. You may remove it if not applicable.
    • Who is your character related to? You can elaborate as much as you wish.
  • History: Every character has a background, a birth, a childhood, a story of how they came to be where they are today. Some description of their background is needed, and the more detailed the better. If your character has special powers or a powerful weapon or item, please explain how they got it in the history. We will be checking for chronological discrepancies like this, so make sure to follow ZRPG canon. This section must be at least 300 words minimum, 600-1000 preferred.
  • RP Sample: We want to see how you plan on roleplaying as this character. You may have some pivotal scene in their history you want to use as an example, or describe a standard day in their life. Please try to use descriptive prose and dialogue so we can see exactly how this character works. RP Samples, like roleplay posts themselves, must be a minimum of six sentences long.
    • After your first character, RP Samples are optional. If you are applying for a complicated concept, you may be asked to write an RP Sample for a later character if asked to by a staff member.
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