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It is natural for a character to require edits after approval. Read below if you are interested in making changes to an approved character. Reach out to a staff member if you have a scenario that is not covered by one of the topics below. Short of full rewrites, these changes can be requested in the Character Transformations thread.

  • While you can make quite a few changes through Character Transformations, if it becomes what feels like a complete rework, then an Administrator may ask the player to re-submit the character as a new application.
  • Please periodically read through your own characters and make sure their applications are up-to-date as this is how players learn about your character, and so it’s important the information there is accurate.
  • Characters can be retired at any time. Players are allowed to retire characters as needed. Retirement is not permanent, and can be undone at any time. To bring a character out of retirement, simply request in the Character Transformations thread that you would like the character back.
  • Sometimes, but not often, retired characters will have traits, skills, items, or other application elements that have been banned since the character was originally accepted. These may be accepted or declined on a case-by-case basis. Your character will not be grandfathered in if it was retired.
  • Remember that the only one that can kill your character is you. Death is permanent, and cannot be undone. ZRPG is chronological, so once a character has been retired due to death, it cannot be used in threads that take place after their death.
  • Resurrected characters need to be re-submitted completely as this needs to go through a full approval. Resurrection is transformative, so this needs to be explained regardless of if they came back in their old form or as a stal or spirit.

While character applications can and should be rewritten if character drastically changes throughout the roleplay, we require a two-year waiting period if a character is being rewritten only for the sake of improving the writing or content quality of the application.

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