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Below are the rules & guidelines for roleplaying. These rules must be followed in conjunction with our community & character guidelines. Roleplay Rules cover both long-form and short-form, but both also have specific guidelines.

  1. This is a narrative-based RPG written in the style of a fiction work.
    1. Our board excludes dice roles and other conventions common in tabletop or computer RPGs. Posts should be written in the third-person past tense with limited perspective and use good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. All posts must be at least six sentences long.
  2. You may only roleplay with an approved character.
    1. Refer to page 6 handbook for our character approval process. You may only join a thread with a NPC if you have admin approval or they are attached to a character you are joining with.
  3. Members only have permissions over their own characters & relevant NPCs.
    1. No “godmoding,” “overcontrolling,” or “power gaming.” You may not roleplay another character’s thoughts, actions, or decisions unless you have permission from the character’s owner. The same is true for NPCs if you are not listed in the “Permissions” field of their profile.
  4. After first character approval, new members must start in a Quickplay.
    1. Once your first character is approved you must join a Quickplay before you can join a long-form roleplay. This is to give a new member the opportunity to get their feet wet before jumping into a larger commitment.
  1. Posting order is not enforced.
    1. Short-Form Roleplays are supposed to be fast-paced and revolve around a brief moment. Members can choose if a posting order will be upheld or if it will be a free-for-all.
  2. Do not kill your characters in a short-form roleplay.
    1. Short-Form Roleplays are meant to be supplementary to the main story. A landmark moment, like a character death, should happen in a long-form thread that is connected to a set date in the roleplay.
  3. Follow the premise of the short-form roleplay you are writing.
    1. Quickplays, Seasonal Events, and Memoirs & Memories are Short-Form Roleplays and each have a set premise which must be followed. Staff will enforce their proper usage, which is laid out in the next page of this handbook.
  1. Posting order is enforced.
    1. Do not skip members in the thread unless two weeks have passed or they have expressed a desire to be skipped.
  2. Your character can only be in one Long-Form thread at a time, and never by themselves.
    1. All solo roleplaying will happen in your personal Memoirs & Memories thread, so all Long-Form threads must have at least two players.
  3. Keep your character’s timeline in mind.
    1. Do not join a thread if it conflicts chronologically with another thread your character had previously been in. Consider the time it takes to travel between places when joining a new thread.
  4. Members are expected to uphold a two-week activity commitment.
    1. If you know you will be inactive for a period of time, you must post a Goodbye thread with who can control your characters while you are gone. If a roleplayer is inactive for two weeks without posting a Goodbye thread your character can be exited from the thread, either by your threadmates or the staff.

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