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Short-Form Roleplay functions as side-stories, existing outside of the continuity of regular threads you play in – with the exception of Seasonal Events, which ZRPG staff use to progress board-wide continuity. There three types of Short-Form Roleplays: Quickplays, Seasonal Events, & Memoirs & Memories.

Quickplays are open-ended roleplays, for your characters to build relationships and be social, or introduce story elements that can be taken and adapted into a Long-Form Roleplay. This also functions as a jumping-off point for new members so they can get a feel for how the roleplay works.

  • Quickplays have no thread limit.
    • You may be in as many Quickplays with one character as desired, as long as you can remain active in all of them.
  • You can Quickplay anywhere in Hyrule.
    • Unlike Long-Form Roleplays with narrative titles, the title of your Quickplay will be a brief description followed by the region. Example: Snowfallen Stable (Hebra). Quickplays are location static, so if you move locations, you will need to start a new Quickplay thread.
  • Quickplays require a one-week activity commitment.
    • Quickplays are meant to be fast-paced and not take more than a few weeks to complete. ZRPG staff will periodically retire Quickplay threads that have not received a reply in over one week.
Hey! Listen! You can use the #looking-for-group and #quickplay channels on Discord to get a new story started!

Seasonal Events are exclusive, time-limited events that move ZRPG’s boardwide plot forward. They are fast-paced and cover a variety of story types, and provide opportunities for your characters. You will notice that there is a #seasonal-event Discord channel to plan segments of the story that your character is involved in.

  • Seasonal Events are led by ZRPG staff.
    • Typically, you will get a two or one-week notice before a Seasonal Event begins so you can prepare. Seasonal Events are organized, run, and planned by staff.
  • Seasonal Events are round-based roleplays.
    • There will be a Hylia post weekly to begin each “next round” of posts.
  • You can only collect items or experiences from a Seasonal Event if you were there.
    • If you want to retcon a character into an event and “say” they were there, you need staff approval. Typically the answer will be no unless it serves a narrative function.
  • Seasonal Events drive the board’s date.
  • Follow the prompt.
    • There will often be exceptions for Seasonal Events to make them feel more unique. Carefully read the Seasonal Event description before joining so you understand if that is the case.

Memoirs & Memories are the “hub” for your characters and stories. They are the portal for other helpful features that are meant to help you flesh out and develop your characters even further.

  • You are allowed one thread for all of your characters. 
    • Format your thread to have the following title: “Username: Memoirs & Memories.”
  • Memoirs & Memories can have all or none of the following features.
    • Thread tracking for all of your characters, both active and retired.
    • What we call Kinships, which details all of the relationships your character has to other characters & NPCs.
    • Solo stories which are written by you and feature your character specifically. Dairies or journals in particular are great ideas!
    • Anything else you feel helps detail your character but doesn’t fit in their application or a roleplay. They are great places to keep art, comics, or memes made of them!
  • The main purpose of Memoirs & Memories is solo stories.
    • Memoirs & Memories can be written in first person OR third person, in any style that suits the writer. You can only use characters that you have permission to use. Collaborative posts (where two people have worked on a memoir together) can be posted in BOTH of the owner’s threads, or the owners can choose. Do not create separate threads for collaborative posts.
  • You are required to keep these organized. 
    • There is no required template, which means a thread holding so much information can get messy quickly. Refer to other members’ threads. Many of them will utilize a table of contents and liberal usage of the spoiler tag code to keep things organized.

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